Transitioning from your current system to a VoIP system can revolutionize your workplace and bring you and your employees in the modern world of business telecommunication.

It’s easy in theory, but actually making the transition can be more difficult than you may anticipate. Not only is your building currently set up for a certain configuration, but your employees are also accustomed to it. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t find a VoIP solution for your Moreno Valley business; it simply means you need to plan and take appropriate steps before switching to a VoIP system.

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Check Your Internet Connection

The key to a good, reliable VoIP system is your internet connection. You’ll need a high-speed internet service so your VoIP system will perform its best. More and more businesses have high-quality, reliable internet, so this most likely won’t be problematic for your own Moreno Valley VoIP solution, but you should definitely ensure you have good upload and download speeds.

You will have more devices using the internet now, so don’t forget to plan for bandwidth and call volume. Determine how many calls and how much internet usage you can regularly expect, and go from there. Dutale Inc. can help you analyze this.

Determine Devices

You may be satisfied with purchasing VoIP phones to allow your employees to make and take phone calls at their desks, but you can actually go beyond that. With VoIP solutions, you can make calls directly from your computer — with no need to even touch a telephone. Your employees could also make and receive calls from their smartphones, laptops, and other devices.

Whether it makes sense for your VoIP system to be compatible with all of these options or not, you’ll need to determine which devices you’d like to use ahead of time to ensure you come up with the best VoIP solution when it’s time for installation. If you’re sticking with your current phone system, see if it’s Ethernet compatible. If not, then we at Dutale Inc. can help you figure out what would be the best option to pursue.

Pay Attention To Details

Think of the last time you called a business in Southern California. Were you satisfied with the call quality? Did the extensions and recorded messages make sense? Was the hold music calming or irritating? Was there background noise?

These aspects may seem like small, insignificant details, but they can make a significant difference in the customer experience. Before you go live with your VoIP systems, you’ll want to make sure the extensions and where they lead the callers, the background or hold music, and the recording greetings are all exactly what you want them to be.

Plan To Train Employees

VoIP systems are about as intuitive as other business telecommunication methods and your employees will adjust to the changes rapidly. However, you should still plan to train everyone on how to correctly use the new office communication tool. This will speed up the learning curve and lead to more productivity. It will also give your employees a taste of how much more they can accomplish with cloud VoIP rather than the previous system.

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