Was your Moreno Valley business recently broken into? Was an employee assaulted?

Having a business security camera would’ve helped. We’re not trying to add insult to injury here, but business security is clearly important and can help in many ways.

If that hasn’t happened to you but you don’t have a video camera security system, then you’re at risk. At Dutale Inc., we don’t just offer VoIP solutions for businesses. We also offer LTS camera systems, which we can install in your Southern California business. Not sure whether a business security camera is worth the investment? Here are five advantages of using this form of business security.


Prevent & Reduce Theft

Business security cameras are perhaps most popular for this very reason. They’ll deter would-be thieves from entering your premises, which will reduce your business’s shrink. The more you have, generally, the more potential thieves will be dissuaded. Sure, they may still find a way to sneak in. Overall, though, even just the presence of business security will be a large deterrent.    

Improve Productivity

You don’t want to be a bad boss who is watching each employee’s every last move and just waiting to pounce on them for doing something wrong. You’ve created a good culture in your Moreno Valley business! However, you also want to make sure your employees are working hard. Installing office surveillance will motivate your employees to be disciplined, and you can notice if one employee often seems to be absent or uninvolved.

Resolve Conflicts

This advantage is twofold: you can resolve conflicts arising from thieves or from employees. When someone does break into or steal from your business, you can use your LTS camera security system, with the help of law enforcement, to identify the thief. When there is a slip and fall accident, an employee dispute, time fraud, or more, your office security camera could potentially provide evidence in your case.

Increase Safety

There will always be those times — early in the morning, late at night, or on a weekend especially — when one lone employee is working. If there were to be an accident during this time, your employee could be left stranded. With office surveillance, your employee could be rescued in a timely manner. Federal and state safety regulations require some industries to have business security cameras for this exact reason.

Save Money

There’s a reason we saved this one for last: it’s one of the most appealing reasons for many Moreno Valley business owners, and it’s a direct result of everything else on this list. Yes, it can take an investment upfront to install an LTS security camera system in your workplace. But the benefits far outweigh the costs, and they can even make up for the costs over time. If you decrease theft, improve productivity, have evidence during conflicts, and increase safety in your business, you’ll see monetary gains.

Eager to improve business security? Dutale Inc. has helped many businesses throughout Southern California with commercial video surveillance, and we’d love to help you next. Browse our available camera systems and request a quote.  Contact us today.