You try hard to take care of your Moreno Valley business and your employees. Because of this, you have or you’re going to transition to a VoIP solution for your business — congratulations! There are many benefits of VoIP software and we believe you’ll reap the rewards. Office phone systems for small businesses should be as modern as you and your business needs, and VoIP systems allow this possibility.

A VoIP system, though, is still relatively new technology. Voice clarity was heavily impacted at the beginning because of limits in development, but the overall call quality and clarity have improved greatly since then. However, if you’re not reaching the level of business telecommunication you expected to because of poor quality, try troubleshooting in these five different ways. As always, you can rely on Dutale Inc. for voice and data installation, VoIP software, and more throughout Moreno Valley and Inland Empire. Contact us today.

Upgrade Your Ethernet Cord

VoIP systems work by sending voice data through your network in chronological packets. If there are configuration errors, network congestion, or other problems, these packets can be incorrectly organized or received. A simple fix is to upgrade to a Category 6 — CAT6 — cable. Depending on how complex the issue is, this should do the trick! If you’re still experiencing jitters, you can implement a jitter buffer. This will temporarily store the data packets in the correct sequence and then transmit them to your network accurately.

Buy New Headsets

Think of your headphones: there are those cheap inexpensive pairs you keep in your bag, car, desk drawer, and other areas just in case, and then there are the perfect, wireless headphones you asked for for Christmas. Find the VoIP headset that you think will deliver the best quality, generally noise-canceling headphones that provide sound to both ears and are corded.

Check The Router

A standard router isn’t the best option for your VoIP solutions. Instead, look for a router that prioritizes VoIP traffic over other internet data. There are varying options out there to best meet your needs, but be sure to look for a router that supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and virtual LAN (VLAN) support.

Consider Network Traffic

Just as your Wi-Fi slows down when there are more people using it, you can expect the amount of data being transmitted to have an effect on your VoIP call quality. Monitor the consistent traffic on your network and make changes when needed (like telling employees to not stream TV shows, music, large file transfers, and more) or increase your bandwidth capacity.

Get Help From Experts

Whether you need help completing the tips above or you’ve tried the previous tips and still can’t improve call clarity, Dutale Inc. can help. We offer Star2Star and Zultys VoIP systems, so this is the VoIP software we’re most familiar with. If you need voice and data installation, help with cloud VoIP, or want to improve call quality, you can count on us. Contact us today.