It’s the deadline for that big project at work. You’re down to the wire, anxious to make the deal and help your business.

Your phone malfunctions.

For many business owners in Moreno Valley, this is one of the worst situations they can imagine for their business profits. Not making a deal because of different interests is one thing, but not closing on a deal because of poor business telecommunication is something else entirely.

When you use VoIP systems for office communication, you’ll have a much more reliable, versatile, and useful tool on your hands. At Dutale Inc., we offer two different VoIP solutions: Star2Star and Zultys. We recognize that many people don’t know the differences or similarities between these two office phone systems for small businesses, so we hope to clear that up with today’s blog. As always, feel free to contact us with questions.

Star2Star VoIP System

This business telecommunication company was founded in 2006, and its technology has only improved since then. They’ve developed their own proprietary technology to overcome some limitations of VoIP systems, such as bad voice quality, dropped calls, or latency.

A significant benefit of Star2Star is that they’ll keep your phone system working even when your Southern California business faces an internet or power outage. They also guarantee to fix any problems with their VoIP software at no cost to you.

Star2Star offers various bundles to match your business needs, and their products are affordable. Check out some of the Star2Star features or request a quote.

Zultys VoIP System

Zultys was founded in 2001, making its VoIP software one of the pioneers in the business telecommunication industry. Zultys believes in allowing you to manage your phone system your way, which is why its VoIP systems can be deployed on your business’s premises, virtually, or on a cloud-based hosted platform. When you work with Zultys, the company will help you scale office communication as your business evolves and expands.

Depending on which Zultys VoIP software you move forward with, you can be connected to your business 24/7. Integrate voice, instant messaging, video, web conferencing, email, and more — on office phones, computers, smartphones, tablets, and more — when you use Zultys. Read more about features offered by Zultys or request a quote.

Choose Dutale Inc. In Southern California

Get business VoIP solutions for your Moreno Valley business today. Whether you choose Star2Star or Zultys, VoIP software is certainly the answer for improved office communication.