You undoubtedly plan for a certain percentage of shrink each month or quarter, but that doesn’t mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that you actually want it to happen. It hurts your sales and your trust, and shrink can ultimately be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful company.

You, of course, want to be a successful company. In order to prevent inventory shrink, installing business security is your best line of defense. Read our blog today to find out how business security cameras can help, and then contact Dutale Inc. for LTS security cameras systems to be installed in your Moreno Valley, Inland Empire, or other Southern California business. We even offer free quotes, so don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re a Top Rated Local® communications specialist in Southern California, and we’d love to help you and your business next.

Reduce Theft Internally

Though it’s shocking to most employers, a huge percentage of shrink — sometimes even the majority — comes internally. You want to trust your employees of course and you assume you used good judgment when hiring, but that’s not enough to actually ensure nothing bad will occur.

Whether you’ve hired someone who planned on stealing from your company from the very beginning or they’re a good employee but occasionally take an extra $20 bill from the register, you have a problem. When you install a business security camera, though, you’ll be able to review footage when the cash register is a little under in the morning or when you notice items are mysteriously going missing when one or two employees work together. Having the video camera security system can also dissuade your tempted employees from even stealing in the first place.

Reduce Theft Externally

The biggest way that business security cameras reduce external shrink is through being a scare tactic of sorts. If a thief plans on stealing from your business but then notices commercial video surveillance while scoping out the area, then the thief is much less inclined to follow through with the plan.

On top of this, businesses with lax business security are often hit more often because people talk and say your business is an easy target. As soon as you up the security to an LTS security system, word will get around that it’s more difficult to steal.

Provide Evidence When Needed

Though you’ll prevent theft from happening in the first place, with a video camera security system you’ll have evidence for those situations in which it does occur. You can share this footage with local law officials if you want to prosecute, or you can share it with your other employees so they’ll be aware if they see the perpetrator again.

Choose Dutale Inc. In Southern California

No company likes shrink — it damages your reputation and your profits. Invest in business security from LTS today when you work with Dutale Inc. We’ll provide you with quotes and office surveillance options, install the video camera security system, and help when you have technical problems. Contact us today.