Unsure whether it’s time to switch from your traditional phone system to a VoIP system? Trust us — it’s time.

Office communication is essential when it comes to a well-polished and efficient workplace. If you’re relying on traditional phone systems to get this done, then you’re simply not maximizing your potential in business telecommunication.

Our Moreno Valley VoIP solutions have you covered. Dutale Inc. services encompass all you could need — from recommendations to installation to IT services of both Star2Star and Zultys — and you can always contact us with questions or concerns. Here are seven ways your Southern California business will benefit from a VoIP system.

Increased Flexibility

Your current internal phone network is pretty limited when you really think about it. The number of lines available within the system automatically limits how many phones can be added to the system. In other words, it affects how many people you can have working. This is where VoIP solutions truly shine. With VoIP systems, you’re only limited by bandwidth; you can easily make thousands of connections if you simply have an internet connection.

Improved Features

Cloud VoIP offers you more features for less money, and everything you do is saved to the cloud. This sounds like a win-win situation, right? Traditional phone services offer similar features to these, but you usually pay more for them. With both Star2Star and Zultys, which Dutale Inc. offers, you get features like call recording, call waiting, visual voicemail, and more. It’s also simple to send documents, pictures, and messages while you’re talking. Other office phone systems for small businesses simply won’t measure up.

Increased Accessibility

Distance and location won’t make a difference to a VoIP system. Whether you’re in Southern California and calling someone in New York or New Zealand, your business telecommunication will be possible — and crystal clear — as long as you both have an internet connection. You can even do this when you’re on the road; simply sign into your broadband account.

Excellent Voice Quality

Worried that voice quality won’t be as clear when you switch over to VoIP solutions? Not so. Voice quality will be just as good as, if not better than, traditional phone connections as long as you have a reliable internet connection with good bandwidth. Your office communication will thrive, not suffer, and everything will benefit as a result. Office phone systems for small businesses must offer quality, and you get that with VoIP solutions from Dutale Inc.

Increased Productivity

VoIP software allows your employees to multitask easily and efficiently. It’s an employer’s dream! Office phone systems for small businesses should have a superior ROI, which you can ensure when you switch to internet-based office communication. Your employees will be able to do multiple tasks, effectively, all at once; this will lead to increased productivity, which you’ll notice in quarterly reports once you make the switch.

Decreased Costs

VoIP systems work very differently than traditional phone systems do. Instead of needing an expensive traditional phone line, all you need is an internet connection — which we’ll bet your business already has. You’ll only need to take care of one bill for your phone and internet each month instead of two, and the cost is generally lower than paying for internet and a phone line.

Increased Understanding

Do you have any idea how to work all those miscellaneous phone cords? Do you know how to troubleshoot when a phone isn’t working? It’s complicated with a traditional internal phone network. With VoIP, though, there are far fewer cords (no separate cabling for the phone anymore!), it’s easy to install and use, and it’s easier than ever to troubleshoot. This is especially true when you work with Dutale Inc. We’ll install it for you and help with troubleshooting so you don’t have to.

Ready to help your office communication improve and with Moreno Valley VoIP solutions? Contact Dutale Inc. today. We’re your trusted communications specialist in Southern California, and we offer VoIP system installation, telephone system support, and more. Voice and data installation is at the forefront of what we do, and we’d love to help you with it. Contact us today.