Picture this: someone robs your Moreno Valley business and you don’t even have eyewitness accounts to corroborate your claim. Or, better yet, you suspect an employee has been stealing from your Inland Empire company and you have nothing to support your suspicions.

The solution to both scenarios? Business security. A video camera security system can not only provide you evidence of these crimes, but it can also dissuade the crimes from even happening. All products have their advantages and disadvantages of course, so in today’s blog we’re going to outline the pros and cons of business security cameras. At Dutale Inc., we strongly believe the pros outweigh the cons, and we think you will, too. Contact us today to find out more about an LTS security camera system for your Southern California business.


There are many advantages to business security out there, but these are a few of our favorites. If you wonder if an office security camera could help with another aspect of your business, then feel free to give us a call and ask.

Dissuades Theft

When would-be thieves spot a surveillance video recorder, they’re simply much less likely to either enter or break into your business and steal. The same goes for internal theft.

Encourages Employee Behavior

Employees who are sleeping on the job, away from their desk consistently, or not doing appropriate work at their desk are all less likely to do so when they know they’re being monitored via an office security camera.

Provides Evidence

If you do experience internal or external theft or you have complaints about a specific employee, the footage from your LTS security system can provide evidence that could help you in either disciplinary actions or your case. You won’t have to rely on eyewitness accounts or testimonies, but rather you’ll have concrete evidence to support your position and even assist with insurance.


As we said earlier, we at Dutale Inc. truly believe the pros outweigh the cons on business security, but you can be the judge yourself. If you’re interested in commercial video surveillance outside of your business or office surveillance inside, we can get you a free quote and talk about the pros and cons in more detail

Doesn’t Stop Theft, Misbehavior

Unfortunately, business security cameras won’t stop theft or employee misbehavior from happening 100 percent of the time. They’ll often prevent it from occurring and even provide evidence if it does occur, but that doesn’t mean you won’t occasionally have to deal with repercussions from a negative experience taking place — it simply means you’ll be more prepared for when it does.

May Create Privacy Concerns

Whether it’s with customers in your business or your own employees, video camera security systems can sometimes cause privacy concerns.

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