As a Moreno Valley business owner, you recognize the importance of providing excellent communication techniques for your employees. Having the right tools for communication can lead to increased profit and office morale, along with decreased costs. With all of that considered, why wouldn’t you go with VoIP solutions for your Southern California business?

In today’s blog, we’ll briefly touch on various advantages and disadvantages of VoIP software in your business. As always, though, feel free to reach out to us with questions or concerns or to have us do your voice and data installation! We’re happy to help here at Dutale Inc.

Pros of VoIP Systems

Business telecommunication certainly has its advantages, and we believe VoIP systems offer the best advantages of any office phone systems for small businesses. Don’t just take our word for it, though — check out some of our clients and then try it for yourself.

Decreased Costs

Wait, this can save you money? You read right.

As a business owner in Moreno Valley, you’re probably not used to saving money initially — owning a business is expensive! Cloud VoIP, however, only needs an internet connection to improve your office communication. The cost of just paying for internet is typically much lower than paying for internet and a phone line.

Increased Customization

VoIP software gives you the latest features and gadgets on the market, and everything is saved to the cloud. Here at Dutale Inc., we offer both Star2Star and Zultys, popular VoIP solutions that are renowned for their capabilities and features.

What kind of features are we talking about here? Call recording, visual voicemail, and call waiting are just the beginning.

Increased Accessibility

It’s 2018 and business telecommunication often travels far outside of the confines of the cubicle or building. You could be calling someone on the other side of the country or even in another country, and all will be well as long as you both have an internet connection. VoIP software is revolutionizing the way global citizens communicate with each other about their businesses.

Clear Voice Quality

Many business owners incorrectly believe VoIP solutions don’t offer as clear a voice quality as traditional phone systems do, but the voice quality is actually equal to or better than what other office phones systems for small businesses offer. A reliable internet connection and strong bandwidth will be your bread and butter for excellent business telecommunication.

Cons of VoIP Systems

No matter how good and reliable your business telecommunication is, there’s also no shortage of potential disadvantages — that’s just how life and technology works. That being said, though, VoIP systems are certainly leading the industry and offering fewer, less drastic disadvantages than other office communication tools do.

Mandatory Internet Connection

None of the pros we’ve discussed will be quite as beneficial if you don’t have a reliable internet connection with a sufficient bandwidth for your business’s needs.

Additionally, unexpected power outages and other emergencies can render your VoIP software inoperable. Having this happen temporarily can be irritating, but having no power for long amounts of time can cause business problems and a lot of stress.


This disadvantage is becoming less and less so as technology improves. Because of some bandwidth requirements, calls can sometimes appear to delay or even disappear. VoIP software converts analog voice signals into digital packets of information. These packets of information need time to reassemble to make an effective call, which is what can add to the system’s latency occasionally.

At Dutale Inc., we believe the benefits of VoIP systems far outweigh the disadvantages, and we would love to discuss VoIP solutions for your Moreno Valley business. Contact us for VoIP business solutions today.